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R&A Rules of Golf

Local Rules

  1. Out of Bounds – defined by course boundary fences or white pegs/posts with black tops.
  2. If a staked tree interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, relief must be taken as provided in Rule 16.1.
  3. Landscaped garden areas (defined by green stakes), pathways and roadways are to be treated as immovable obstructions and relief must be taken at the nearest point no nearer the hole under Rule 16.1.ll All stakes defining penalty areas, and distance marker poles, which physically interfere with a payer’s stance or swing are immovable obstruction from which the player may take relief as follows: The player may take relief under Rule 16.1. There is no line-of-sight relief available. When playing the 9th hole, the area to the left/east of the blue and yellow stakes is to be treated as a No Play zone (NPZ), and relief MUST be taken without penalty in the nearest marked drop zone, no nearer the hole.
  4. Green topped red stakes define penalty area environmental No Play zones. A NPZ is a defined part of an abnormal course condition (see Rule 17.1e) where play is not allowed. A player must take relief when:
    • Their ball is in a NPZ (dropping within 2 club lengths of the point of last crossing the NPZ, and the addition of a 1 stroke penalty) or
    • A NPZ interferes with their area of intended stance or area of intended swing in playing a ball outside the NPZ (See Rule 16.1f) taking free relief and dropping within 1 club length of the nearest point of complete relief.
  5. Rakes are to be placed inside bunkers in direction of play.
  6. Sprinkler heads, within 2 Club lengths of a green, interfering with the line of play and ball lying within 2 club lengths of the sprinkler head – nearest point of relief.
  7. Tyre tracks caused by Greens staff through fairways, free drop, nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.
  8. Ants Nests. Relief may be taken form an ant’s nest if, during a stroke, your club comes into contact. Relief taken nearest point no nearer the hole.
  9. Star Jelly. Is a gelatinous Algae which is extremely slippery. It is predominately found around bunkers.  Relief may be taken if Star Jelly interferes with stance or swing. Relief taken nearest point no nearer the hole.
  10. Sand buckets must be carried by each player and all divots filled through the green.
  11. Areas where Parramatta Grass has been removed are treated as GUR.